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Retromobile | France, Paris | February 2019 | Stand
Surrenden Press promotes its books at a number of the prominent motoring events in Europe throughout the year, including Retromobile, held every year in Paris, the Veteran Sports Car Club meeting at Prescott in August, and at the end of the annual Pioneer Run, organised by the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club. In early 2020, books will be available in Retromobile, from the 5th – 9th February, and at Shoreham Airport on Sunday, March 22nd, where the Pioneer Run finishes.

British Tricycles

Pioneer Run Article by Michael Edwards, 2020

The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

Life isn’t all about writing books. At the start of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in Hyde Park, London in November 2019, Michael Edwards (at the wheel) is joined by the Surrenden Press Technical Editor  (Shaun Crofton) to his right, his youngest daughter, Grace, and Nicholas Pellett, the editor of ‘Motorvations, the De Dion Bouton Club’s magazine.

Awards and Recognition

A photo for the website with the caption: Michael Edwards accepting the National Benzole Trophy at the 2020 Veteran Car Club of Great Britain awards ceremony, for the contribution of Surrenden Press books to the study of veteran motoring.

Motoring Research

Motoring research has its challenges, especially when it relates to events of more than a century ago, involving a multitude of manufacturing companies, all of which have ceased to exist, and whose products have survived in astonishingly small numbers. Success is dependent upon the combined knowledge and resources of a wide group of institutions and individuals, some of whom have spent decades amassing and collating catalogues, photographs and scraps of information, all of which contribute to the creation of a coherent picture of these long extinct enterprises and their machines. Following publication of The Tricycle book, Part One, several individuals contacted Surrenden Press and offered access to their records on the Singer, Progress, Ariel, Beeston and Quadrant factories, which substantially helped with the preparation of Part Two. All contributions are welcomed and acknowledged.

Future Projects

At present, there are three books in the early stages of preparation.

The very first Press publication: De Dion Bouton, An Illustrated Guide to Type & Specification, 1899-1900‘, sold out very quickly after launch. Rather than simply reprint this volume, the decision has been taken to expand the content significantly, and incorporate those vehicles manufactured by other companies, that also included the De Dion Bouton engines and other components. it is expected that this particular book will be of similar length (around 380 pages) as the later ones. The working title is De Dion Bouton and its Contemporaries, 1899-1904, and publication is scheduled for 2022. 
An assessment is currently underway on the production of a volume on early motor vehicle production in Coventry along with biographies of the main protagonists. Publication would be at the end of 2020.