De Dion Bouton: The Essential Library & Source Book 1888–1931

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The Essential Library has now been despatched to the printers. For the first time, it presents a full bibliography of the De Dion Bouton company, charts of passenger and commercial vehicle production, and introductory essays on the key stages of the company’s evolution.

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De Dion Bouton 1905-1914.

De Dion Bouton: An Illustrated Guide to Type & Specification 1905-1914 will be of interest to all early motoring enthusiasts eager to understand the revolution in transport that took place early in the twentieth century.

The Tricycle Book, Part One.

The tricycle was the first lightweight motorised vehicle developed for daily use. For experienced travellers, doctors and men of commerce who would not take their horses more than 20 miles in a day, there was the opportunity to cover the same distance in an hour.

Apsley and Old Cars.

The motoring cartoonist has been active since the end of the nineteenth century, when the number of artists prepared to work at rapid speed, reflecting topical issues, and for modest compensation, satisfied the needs of discerning editors.

Following the receipt of a number of enquiries on the possibility of producing a slipcase for the two Tricycle Books, I sent a note in December to advise subscribers that I had located a binder who could produce the items.

A number of different samples were offered, from which a blue cloth has been selected that compliments the covers of both books. The binder now has the material in stock. Anyone interested in purchasing a slipcase, should contact the binder directly.

His name is Christopher Shaw, and he can be reached at He has received copies of the books and has been able to ensure that both books fit comfortably in the casing that he has designed specifically for these volumes (see the image above). The price for each binder is £35 + postage and packaging.

A little late, I know, but a Happy New Year to you.


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Individual prints and signed prints available from motoring cartoonist Anthony Phillips-Smith. We are able to provide a A4 copy of any individual cartoon print featured in the Apsley and Old Cars publication.